Ramky Enviro Engineers

QHSE Policy

In this combative world, it becomes difficult to ensure that services and products provided are ahead of one’s competitors. Also, Maintaining and improving the quality is another big challenge.

We believe in increased productivity and total customer satisfaction which became the main reason for us to be complied to QHSE Policy. We are committed to comply with the requirements & improvement of Quality Management Systems, responsible management of waste, and protection & improvement of the environment.

To meet these commitments, Ramky Enviro Engineers shall –

  • Ensure customer needs and satisfaction with management methods for delivery of better services..
  • Cultivate a work culture where our policy is understood, implemented and maintained by employees at all levels within the organization.
  • Develop and maintain a motivated workforce trained for effective Management system and emergency situations.
  • Ascertain that appropriate resources are made available to implement the policy and continuously review policy’s relevance with respect to legal, community, and business development.
  • Provide information on QHSE policy to the concerned authority & interested parties and converse with business associations to facilitate their health and safety performance improvement with the intent of their individual obligations
  • Ensure that its operations comply with the applicable laws, regulation and statutory provisions.
  • Ensure conservation of energy and natural resources.
  • Adapt appropriate and best practices in operation, safety systems and monitor, control and minimize the risk and impact of activity.
  • Continually improve its QHSE performance by setting objectives & targets and conduct regular audits to ensure that operations are in compliance with the management syrequirement.

Quality, Health, Safety and Environment management and risk assessment fundamentals are integrated in all Ramky’s business processes.

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