Ramky Enviro Engineers

Corporate Social Responsibility

At REEL, CSR is an integral part which compliments the business and enhances the impact of the company on the multiple communities it directly or indirectly reaches and towards sustainability of the planet

At Ramky Enviro Engineers limited, the belief that business can social and environmental problems is core. The business directly impacts the environment positively and works towards longer term sustainable growth. The focus of CSR is to complement the business and create social impact as well focused on the communities adjoining the areas served by REEL. With a wide geographical footprint across India with ~50+ facilities, it helps reach out to a large set of communities, most of him are far away from cities and lack basic living infrastructure



Our CSR efforts focus on the following key themes:

  • Complement the business ensuring that the activities act as an extension to REEL’s business model (for example, health programs for ragpickers, waste segregation education programs for lesser impact on the environment)
  • Social needs of communities in close proximity to the sites / projects (focused on specific needs of the community relating to women empowerment, education, clean water etc.)


The key pillars of our CSR strategy are: