Ramky Enviro Engineers

Hazardous Waste Management

Ramky Enviro Engineers Limited (REEL) set up India's first hazardous waste management facility at Hyderabad in 1998. Today, the company operates 12 facilities that handle over a million tonnes of hazardous waste annually.

Over the course of thirteen years, the company has set up 14 facilities in India and abroad. Serving over 10,000 customers, the company manages 60% of the total industrial waste generated in India and is present in 10 states.

As pioneers and leaders in Hazardous waste management it has control over 75% both by geographical and quantity of waste.

Key Advantages:

  • Meets US-EPA norms for secured landfill
  • Follows European norms for incineration
  • Incineration technology from Alstom
  • Technical assistance from AusAID

The hazardous waste facilities consist of double composite liner landfills with a leachate collection system. Waste received in these facilities is disposed off by three modes:

  1. Direct Land Filling (DLF)
  2. Land filling After Treatment (LAT)
  3. Incineration (INC)

Services offered:

REEL offers clients a comprehensive set of services for the treatment and disposal of industrial waste.

  • Collection and Disposal
  • Transportation
  • Waste Fingerprint Analysis
  • Treatment Solutions
  • Material Recovery Services
  • Laboratory Services

Facility highlights:

  • Well-equipped laboratory
  • Waste blending and stabilization cell
  • Alternate fuel recovery
  • Hazardous waste Incinerator
  • Scrubbers for stack emission control
  • Secured landfill facility
  • Effluent treatment plant
  • Continuous emission monitoring

REEL also undertakes waste transportation using completely mechanized systems instead of human resources. The organization has successfully integrated imported cranes on Indian trucks, reducing human exposure to loading and unloading of waste. The systems in use are the best in terms of occupational safety. They comply with the guidelines enunciated by the Central Pollution Control Board and are on par with international industry standards.