Ramky Enviro Engineers


REEL as a pioneer in Indian waste management market; spread its portfolio serving customers in the international markets. We at REEL have established a strong presence in Singapore to offer Cleaning Conservancy Services and Car Park Management to a host of clients. The main services in Singapore include commercial cleaning, conservative cleaning, public cleaning, waste collection through vacuum suction and car park management. Its major clients include major entities and the Housing Development Board (HDB) of Singapore. Similarly, REEL is also setting a couple of Municipal Solid Waste Management projects in Indonesia.

Major projects are under progress in East Asian countries like Vietnam and Thailand. Besides Asia, Ramky is also setting up a strong presence in MENA (Middle East and North African) countries. It has successfully established a Hazardous Waste facility in Sohar, Oman. The project scope involved design, engineering, construction, operation and maintenance of a Hazardous Waste Management facility. We have various hazardous & biomedical waste management and water/waste water treatment projects in pipeline in the Middle East and North African countries.