Ramky Enviro Engineers

Many Firsts

Industrial Hazardous Waste Management

  • Established India’s first integrated industrial hazardous waste management facility
  • Capacity of handling more than 1 million TPA of waste, the largest in India
  • Operates India’s largest hazardous waste incinerator complex at Taloja
  • Awarded Best Company of the Year for Market Leadership in Industrial Hazardous Waste Management for 2009 & 2010

At REEL, we offer clients a comprehensive set of services for the treatment and disposal of Industrial waste in line with international rules and guidelines. Our operational presence spreads throughout India and 11 countries across Asia and Middle East.

Blueprint for the future

  • Cover India and 11 countries
  • Corporate tie-ups for one-stop shop solution
  • Focusing on Material & Heat Recovery
  • Recycling & Reuse
  • Compliance Resource Management

Municipal Waste Management

  • Latest Mass Burn Technology from JJIEC
  • Superior LGP model from Canada

We offer Urban Local Bodies a comprehensive service matrix - right from door-to-door collection to state-of-the-art treatment and disposal of municipal waste.

We adopt stringent US EPA guidelines for waste handling and disposal activities. Across the globe, we have an exclusive presence in 20 major cities and handle over 3.5 Mn tonnes of waste annually.

Blueprint for the future

  • Paper & Plastic Recovery
  • Facility Management Services
  • Designing of MSW machinery
  • Licensing of MSW technology

Biomedical Waste Management

  • Established India’s first Biomedical Waste facility
  • India’s largest service provider for Biomedical Waste
  • Awarded Best Company of the Year for Market Leadership in Biomedical Waste Management for 2009 & 2010

We offer clients comprehensive services for collection, treatment and disposal of waste from health care institutions in line with international rules and guidelines. We have exclusive presence in 14 Cities catering to more than 2.5 million beds. Also, we are among the first few organisations to dispose medical waste in the most scientific manner to prevent contamination of the surroundings.

Focus Areas

  • Metal and Plastic Recovery
  • Health Care management services

Integrated Environment Services

  • India’s only Company to provide all environment services under one roof
  • More than 15+ esteemed customers

Integrated Environmental Services (IES) is a one-shop-stop solution for comprehensive environmental solutions. These services are undertaken primarily to design, establish, measure, prevent, limit, minimize or correct environmental damage to water, air, noise, soil as well as problems related with waste management and eco-systems. Major clients include MNC's , India's top 100 companies and government agencies.

Focus Areas

  • Ground water monitoring & improvement
  • Real time air quality improvement
  • Contaminated site redevelopment planning and implementation.

Integrated Recycling Complex

  • India’s only company to serve both industry and household recycling needs
  • Empowered by a pan-India collection network
  • All India Corporate tie-ups facilitate efficient reverse logistics
  • Many customers across industries

We offer total recycling solutions to both industrial as well as domestic customers. For our industrial customers we offer Solvent recovery, Lead Acid Battery recycling, Waste Oil / Used Oil recycling and also Electronic Waste Management. For domestic customers we offer paper, plastic, glass, aluminum can and electronic waste recycling.

Focus Areas

  • Raw material sourcing and supply from B2B Portal
  • Domestic recycled products made available to B2C segments
  • Enhanced PGM recovery to 17 Metals
  • Zero waste concept at model townships.

Water / Waste Water Management

  • Achieved more than US$20 Million turnover in just one year of operation
  • GE as technology partner

We offer clients comprehensive services for treatment and management of water, be it from process by-product or waste water. We provide EPC and BOOT services for construction of ETP / CETPs.

Focus Areas

  • Portable solutions for On-demand water treatment
  • Treatment of sludge
  • Serving key industries having hard-to-treat water.

Consulting Services

  • NABIT certification for 13 Sectors
  • More than 100+ Customers including State Governments
  • Rated as one of the best for EIA studies

We offer clients comprehensive services in the area of Environment consulting, ranging from EIA studies to Capacity building and audits. We handled Government contracts for carrying out some of the most prominent environment projects. (Water security and water benchmarking). At Industry level, we partner with our clients to provide holistic services to meet their requirements in line with the environmental rules and regulations.

Focus Areas

  • Online consulting
  • Developing Eco-Trademarks