Ramky Enviro Engineers

Municipal Waste

With the proliferation of urbanization and rapid population growth, waste management has become a major challenge for the country. The pivotal concern is not only the increase in quantity, but also the variations in the type of waste generated. Urban India is beset with serious Municipal Solid Waste problems with over 200,000 TPD of MSW being generated in its urban areas. Thus, managing the waste in environmentally safe manner is a huge concern.

Ramky has taken the lead in providing competitive and technically reliable solutions to the problem. We provide a complete range of Municipal Waste Management services on a 'Cradle-to-Grave ' approach

Services offered :

  • Primary Collection – Door to Door Collection
  • Secondary Collection - Bins & Other storage locations
  • Transportation
  • Transfer Station Construction & Management
  • Composting & RDF
  • Bio-methanation
  • Waste to Energy- Incineration
  • Engineered Sanitary Landfills & Capping
  • Materials Recycling and Reclamation
  • Land Remediation Services
  • Mechanical / Manual Sweeping