Ramky Enviro Engineers


Current Proposals:

Sl.noDate PostedTender ReferenceDescription
01 6th October 2012 DMSWL/12-13/16 Tender for DG package of 24MW WTE Project
02 21st August 2012 DMSWL/12-13/15 Tender for LT & VFD Package of 2 x 600 TPD, 24MW WTE Plant
03 20st August 2012 DMSWL/12-13/14 Tender for CENTRIFUGAL PUMPS of 2 x 600 TPD, 24MW WTE Plant
04 30th August 2012 DMSWL/12-13/13 Tender for ELECTRIC WIRE ROPE HOIST of 2 x 600 TPD, 24MW WTE Plant
05 9th July 2012 DMSWL/12-13/12 Tender for ELECTRIC TRACTION LIFT PACKAGE of 24MW WTE Plant
06 6th July 2012 DMSWL/12-13/11 Tender for Auxiliary Cooling Tower Package of 24MW WTE Project
07 6th July 2012 DMSWL/12-13/10 Tender for Ash Handling System for 24MW WTE Project
08 26th June 2012 DMSWL/12-13/09 Tender for Transformer Package for 24MW WTE Project
09 21st April 12 DMSWSL/11-12/08 Tender for SWITCHYARD PACKAGE of 2 x 600 TPD, 24MW WTE Plant
10 21st April 12 DMSWL/11-12/07 Tender for BOILER ERECTION AND COMMISSIONING of 2 x 600 TPD, 24MW WTE Plant
11 15th March 12 DMSWL/11-12/05 Tender for WATER TREATMENT PLANT For 24MW WTE Plant
12 15th March 12 DMSWL/11-12/06 Tender for EOT Crane for 24MW WTE Plant
13 04th November 11 REEL/11-12/05 Supply of Steam Generator for Combustion of Municipal Solid Waste